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IB Extended Essay Writing: Consulting Sources

Writing for your IB extended essay can seem like an impossible hurdle to climb. After all, you're already dealing with the stress of graduating, and this represents one major hurdle to that ultimate goal. What's more, in these economically uncertain times, you're likely either already worrying about how to get a job, or worrying how you're going to balance the job you already have with your current IB coursework (no easy task!)

So the idea of searching for and consulting different sources for your IB extended essay may feel like the final straw that broke the camel's back.

However, it doesn't have to. Here are a few tips to help you make that process more manageable.

Databases Are Your Friend

To begin with, you're going to want to look through some different databases to ensure that the sources you locate and consult for your IB extended essay are both legitimate and quality sources. What's more, it's good practice - once you get to the collegiate level, this kind of database-centric, source-driven papers are going to make up the core of your paper-writing experience. As such, you want to become intimately familiar with the different online databases available to you. Does your school offer any databases for free? If so, be sure to take advantage of those first, as access to databases can be very expensive, and so naturally if you can take advantage of free access - as some schools pay a database to enable you to use them free of cost - you should do so.

Narrow Your Focus

When searching for sour consulting the ones you already have, you're going to want to make sure to narrow your focus. If you make your search too broad, or make your inquiries to your sources and subjects too broad, then you're going to run into problems. Not only is this going to make it even more difficult to search for information and sources which are pertinent to your paper, but you're likewise going to find that your graders won't care for broadness.

When Interviewing...

If you have to conduct an interview for your source consulting process, be sure to come prepared and treat the interview as if it were a professionally-conducted affair. You should spend the night before reviewing a list of questions that you've made for your discussion, as that will make the whole process easier, lead to better answers, and reflect well on you come evaluation time.

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