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Tips for senior year students: writing an IB extended essay

An IB extended essay is one of the most important things that you can always write as a student doing a postgraduate degree. The most important things that you can always have in a thesis is a topic. Once you have selected a good topic, you will be at a good place to create a good thesis document. There are many steps for you to follow.

Many people still believe that selecting of the topic is the most difficult things that you can do. However, its not as difficult as you may think.

  • 1. First, you need to select a topic that you love. The good thing is that there are thousands of topics that you can decide to write about. If you are in love with matters to do with security, you can write a thesis on security. If you are infatuated by international affairs, you can come up with a thesis about this topic. When you take time to write about something that you really love, you will be at a good position to have a lot of fun doing the thesis. This is simply because you have a lot of knowledge about it. If you select a topic that you don't have a good idea about, you will have a lot of problems. You will not know of the best places to get the materials. You will also be very green to the topic and you won't have the drive to do the work well. In fact, when you get a good topic, you will be able to do the work at a faster rate as you will have most of the information. You will also have a lot of fun reading and writing more on the topic that you are currently working on. Therefore, as a rule, you should always use a topic that you are in love with.

  • 2. Brainstorm on the topic always. Once you have identified the topic, you should brainstorm on it when you are tired. As you rest, the concept of the topic should be ringing at the back of your mind. Your brain will always work better when it comes to writing the paper when you have carefully brainstormed on the topic. Therefore, it is very essential to spend a lot of time thinking about the topic when you are bored or tired.

  • 3. Now, when it comes to the creation of the thesis, you should now narrow down the topic to a particular concept. You need to gather the information that you can and bundle it together. The benefit of this is that it will simplify your writing. It will make your work very easy. In the internet, you can save PDF copies or other materials that matter to you.

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