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How To Make Sure Your Extended Essay Abstract Is Properly Written

In a research paper, an abstract is a very important part. In the abstract, you basically state all relevant information which the reader will find in the research paper in short form. It should be noted that many people are very busy to have the time to read the whole report. Instead, what they do is that they read the abstract to find the key details of the paper such as the methodology and the outputs.


It is usually a short part of the paper that is concise and straight forward. There is no explanation allowed in the abstract. The total length of the abstract differs from many institutions and the documents that are being written. However, it usually ranges between 100 and 250 words. Because of its role in a research paper, the abstract usually comes right after the title page. This gives the readers a chance to get into the details of the paper in advance. For advanced reports, you are supposed to include a good list of keywords that one will expect to find in the report to give a better direction to the readers.

For you to write the abstract properly there are a couple of things that you must do. One, you need to understand clearly the concept of the paper that you are writing the abstract for. If you are not the original writer, then you should read the document very well to grasp the concept. You also need to understand all the crucial details that you need to have to come up with a top quality abstract.

  1. Once you have written the abstract, you should take time to go over it and check if everything is alright. As such, you need to ensure that you go through the abstract (executive summary) checking the grammar and the simple details such as punctuation.

  2. You need to note that the reader will judge the content of the paper by reading the abstract. If the abstract has poor grammar, it means that the rest of the document follows suit. Therefore, you should always do the best to ensure that everything is perfect here. The most important aspects of the abstract are: the problem statement, the objectives of the document, the research questions, hypothesis, justification of the study, the results of the study, major conclusion and recommendations. You should put all these in a simple language and without any repetition.

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