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How To Compose An Extended Definition Essay On Modesty

When you are about to write an extended essay on "Modesty" first of all you need to understand the term modesty from various perspectives. Remember, the word has no single meaning but it fits many other concepts and ideas based on various situations. Hence its meaning varies from time to time.

  • - Write a general overview about modesty: While you start your essay on modesty, first of all define the term partly and introduce the topic. You can give its dictionary definition too. This is to state what comes in your mind when you heard this word for a historical personality or for a military man. Make the introduction interesting and begin the topic by citing quotation or by referring any incidence. Once done with this, gradually, make a transition towards the second paragraph of the body.
  • - Body: In this step you need to expand the concept offering additional details Make comparisons while citing examples. You can also use explanatory devices as the topic requires an extended definition. Based on the complexity of the subject and the reader's requirements use specific examples as it will make your reader visualize the subject. On the other hand, you can use long comparisons between two subjects in respect of their modesty levels. You can also explain the subject in terms of origin of this virtue. It also helps in defining and explaining the idea. Furthermore, try writing by defining the topic under different headings based on human stages of development like infant, childhood, adolescent and old age and relate the subject based on values implanted by parents while nurturing. Narrate the subject in terms of nearby environment they are living and elaborate it under different paragraphs.
  • - Conclusion: Now it's time to derive the conclusion as what you have understood. While you write conclusion, ensure that you have met your purpose of sharing your idea. Ensure that your all definitions have clearly clarified all the logics supported in the essay. Apart from this your conclusion should emphasize the significance of the topic. Write your conclusion in such a way that your essay looks complete and it leaves a final impression on the reader. Never write the entire summary in the conclusion nor try to create a new meaning but reveal meaningfulness of the topic and examples supporting the topic. Finally, you can end your topic by posing questions to the readers in general so that they analyze the new perspective of the topic. It is a good way to end an essay keeping interest alive in the audience.

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