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Finding Great Biology Extended Essay Topics

Writing an extended biology essay can be quite a task. The idea of the extended biology essay is to explore, test, and prove that of biological theories. The extended essay is incredibly important; make sure to really read through the required guidelines so you have a great topic. With such strict guidelines, it is going to be a little bit of a task to find the perfect extended biology topic. The guidelines will help you weed out any topics that are not appropriate or prohibited. Sometimes there is just not enough research while other topics go against the guidelines. This does make it quite a challenge.

  • How to find a topic
  • Read the guidelines
  • Avoid animal behavior topics
  • Avoid human disease topics
  • Think plants

I cannot stress enough to read the guidelines for a biology extended essay. The criteria for topics are very strict; included in the guidelines is the Human Ethics Guidelines and Animal Experimentation Policy. This pretty much weeds out anything involving human disease or animal behavior. The guidelines provided will let you know there is no way you can do any type of experiments to prove any type of theory. It is important to remember you will need to do your experiments to prove your theory. You will not be able to study human disease or animal behavior because of the guidelines. The best thing is to just move on from any of those topics. There are some topics you can get away with in those areas; however, finding one within the guidelines provided will be quite a task. To make it easier on yourself, you should stick to green topics.

Studying and experimenting on different biological affects and effects of plants makes your experimentation much easier to document without breaking the guidelines. The guidelines provided are incredibly important when choosing a topic. If you do not read through the guidelines you will not get a topic that is accepted. Due to the human rights guidelines, anything about human behavior or disease is practically out of the question. Anything that would require an animal to be out of their natural habitat is also a big no on the list of unacceptable topics. Continue to look through the guidelines and weed through topics of interest. Weed out any topics that do not have enough information, you need plenty of information for your extended essay.

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