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IB extended essay: assessment criteria

When you are in an IB program anywhere around the world, the requirements for an IB diploma are the same. In the IB program, it is important to know what is expected of you so you use your time wisely. The requirements for graduating with an IB diploma take two years of study. In order for an undergraduate institution to recognize your IB diploma, you must meet the requirements. They include a variety of classes, but three unique processes. The first is the Theory of Knowledge course, the Creativity Action Service project, and the Extended Essay. None of these assignments are easy, but most students actually have more problems with the Extended Essay than the other requirements.

Know Your Requirements

The essay needs to be approximately 4,000 words. It should be about a topic that is interesting and fits with the diploma program coursework in the six subject areas. Some IB Extended Essays are focused on world studies topics where students incorporate two disciplines. Regardless of the topic that students pursue, they need to be able to research at a collegiate level, write intellectually, and create a new idea that they explore in depth. When students begin the process, they are assigned a teacher in the school as a supervisor who will help them dig deeply into the subject of their choice. The essay is then presented to the IB assessors who have specific criteria they use for grading.

Know How the Point are Organized

When the essay is graded, they are given scores in the range of 0 to 36. The IB program hires the graders and trains them to look for subject-specific and general aspects of the essay. There are 12 points designated to the subject-specific criteria and 24 are given to the general requirements. Students will then receive and A, B, C, D, or E on the essay.

Ask for Grading Rubrics from Your IB Coordinator

It is important to know what the Extended Essay graders will be assessing. Every school with an IB diploma program should have a coordinator who knows the ins and outs of the IB program. Since it is difficult to pass an essay is you do not know what is expected, you should ask your IB coordinator about the essay requirements. He should be able to give you a rubric that you can use to try to earn a top grade on your essay.

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