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What Is An Extended Essay - Tips For Students

Extended essays lean more towards looking like research papers than 5-paragraph essays. There are a number of added components to an extended essay that should be included, and more content should be written to convey a more clear understanding of the topic. Researching is also a big part of writing an extended essay, and how to go about that research should also be understood.

Added elements

While a conventional essay (like this one) consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion; an extended essay includes other elements. Typically, an extended essay must have an abstract, a table of contents, a large number of body paragraphs (depending on the word count), and even an appendix. Other elements that are often found in an extended essay are illustrations, graphs, and page numbers. Anything else that can be used to illustrate your points should also be used, but not at the expense of the content. Let illustrations and tables support the content, not replace it.

More content

An extended essay is just that - extended. It contains a lot more content that a normal essay because the structure of the argument follows a different pattern to a conventional essay. Every extended essay should have a theory, process of presenting evidence to support that theory, and an outcome. These steps are to be laid out in detail so that the reader can follow the procedure from beginning to end and understand how the conclusion was obtained. Following this pattern of study will obviously result in a fair amount of content and pages.

Research and resources

An important aspect of writing an extended essay is researching. Not only is there a lot more research involved, but much of that research should be interviews and experiments of your own. There should be a healthy balance between research from other published sources, and your own processes of gathering information. In addition, all resources used must be included in a bibliography at the end of the essay so that the reader can reference any of them at will.

An extended essay that has been written correctly will convey the full spectrum of a theory and serve to prove that theory throughout. The reader should be fully convinced of your thesis by the time they have finished your extended essay and yet should still be able to check any references you have used for him or herself.

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