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What are the goals of IB extended essays?

When you are assigned the hefty task of crafting the IB extended essay, you should know the goals for the essay. The essay should be about 4,000 words long, which is a long essay for a high school student, especially since most students craft essays that are less than 1,000 words long.

What is the Extended Essay

The extended essay is a thoughtful, well-researched essay that is similar in quality and quantity to a collegiate essay. In order to earn a diploma from the IB program, students need to complete the essay along with the Theory of Knowledge essay and the CAS project, too. Each of these diploma requirements has their very own requirements that need to be met.

Some of the Goals of the Essay

The extended essay is written independently, with the assistance of a high school teacher who is called the supervisor. The paper is self-directed and must be written on a topic that relates to the one of the six areas of the IB program. Students choose a topic that want to research and they write this essay as if they were conducting a research project at the collegiate level. Students could also write their essay based on world studies and a combination of another related topic of interest in one of the six areas of study that they want to include.

The six areas of study in the IB program include:

  • language acquisition
  • language and literaturev
  • individuals and society
  • mathematics and computer science
  • the arts
  • experimental sciences

When students craft the essay, they should spend the majority of their effort on the process of researching to properly craft the piece. The important focus on research should include:

  • creating a researchable and debatable question
  • developing a passionate exploration into the topic
  • sharing ideas in a well-crafted essay
  • producing a high quality, intellectual argument

Benefits from Actually Writing Your Extended Essay

As students create their extended essays, they will become better versed in analyzing a topic with the goal of synthesizing and evaluating the knowledge they discover. While the essay may sound like an absolute nightmare for students who do not enjoy writing, the process of researching and analyzing information makes it more interesting than many students anticipate the procedure will be. Students who enroll in the IB program tend to be dedicated to learning, so they often see the benefits of writing the essay.

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