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14 Best IB Extended Essay Topics You Should Consider

Writing an IB extended essay is one of the last things that students need to do before they graduate. The International Baccalaureate requires an extremely specific type of writing, so students need to do their research before they start writing. Students should find high-quality research materials and learn how to question all of their sources. For history papers, sources are especially important, but primary sources always carry some issues. Students have to figure out the angle that the writer is using and make sure that they include any doubts in their writing.

Finding a Topic

There are a wide variety of topics that students can write about. From history essays to art papers, students can use a range of different subjects. Before writing an IB extended essay, students should figure out the subject area that they want to work in. Once the student has chosen a subject, they can begin to select a topic. For some topic ideas to get started with, students can check out the following list of ideas.

  1. What is the use of language in Nabokov's Lolita? How does this create different connotations in the reader's mind?
  2. What was the effect of the American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on international terrorism?
  3. Why was Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, so influential? What impact did it have on abolitionists?
  4. Why do the topics of Shakespeare's plays have a universal appeal?
  5. What is some of the symbolism apparent in Victorian poetry?
  6. What were the motivations of the individuals involved in the July 1944 bomb plot against Hitler?
  7. What impact did Genghis Khan's conquests have on Europe?
  8. What are some of the characteristics of matriarchal societies?
  9. What are some of the issues associated with using genetically modified foods? Have health problems ever been linked to GMO products? For this essay, students may want to look at the cattle in the United States. Before the 1990s, all of the cattle feed was from natural, non-GMO sources. Within years, it became 96 percent GMO-sourced.
  10. What are the interactions between aluminum and electrical currents that cause levitation?
  11. What were some of the factors that led to the creation of the Irish Republic Army in Northern Ireland?
  12. What are some examples of sexual ambiguity and identity in the works of William Shakespeare?
  13. What impact do comic strips and manga have on popular culture?
  14. How does art expose societal issues and serve as a method of social commentary?

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