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Writing an extended essay: fresh ideas for topics

Students all across the world are asked to write extended essays by their teachers and professors in the university. They want to test the skills and creativity of the students so they assign them with essay writing tasks. Writing an essay is not tough however, choosing a topic can be very handy because it requires a unique approach. If you want to get fresh ideas for the topic of your extended essay then you should do the following

  • Read a lot
  • Ideas are usually triggered from one another. One thing leads to another and a chain reaction of thinking finally gives birth to an idea. If you want to be updated with the latest trends and hot issues you need to read a lot. Don't think if the content is low quality and is not worth a read. Read everything you can get your hands on. Even bad written content can give you a clue of what mistakes you should avoid

  • Get inspiration from your friends
  • Ask your friends about their suggestions and opinions. Maybe some of you can inspire you and you can work on that idea

  • Ask your teacher
  • It is always better to ask rather than staying confused for the whole time. There are students who are bold enough to ask the teacher whatever crosses their minds. This will surely lead them to success in life. Students, who tend to ask more, learn better.

  • Search the internet
  • It is always a good idea to search the internet for essay topics and fresh ideas. You can find examples of previously written essays and see how they are formatted and what tone do they follow. Moreover there are fresh topics on the internet which have not yet been discussed. Or there is still some room for an essay. You can also read these ideas on the internet and then create your own topic by getting an inspiration from them

  • Select a unique topic
  • Make sure the topic you are going to select is unique and meaningful both. Don't choose a topic that is too boring to read. Don't write about things that are obvious, for example the politics and the state. Choose a topic that can keep the interest of your readers and is able to hook the audience well.

  • Make it stand out
  • Finally make your essay stand out by staying real, honest and true

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