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A List Of IB Extended History Essay Topics That Will Impress Your Professor

IB Extended History Essay Topics:

IB Extended program is a diploma which do have tough requirements, but not as tough as the degree level research papers. The main attraction that students see here is the dissertations are not too lengthy. Normally, the requirement is to produce a report of 400 words on your chosen topic. This obviously is not a lengthy task. Any students with courage, determination and skills could finish this work in less than a week and that too with deteriorating quality. The history subject is also something which most of the students enjoy. It will definitely not bore you, like many other subjects. Research is also easy as you can conveniently find a lot of information on world history very easily on the web. But, the main challenge like any other research paper remains about the selection of the topic. It could be a difficult and a time consuming job. Students feel it extremely hard to finalize a topic on their own. If that is the case, then they must seek help from their teachers and other experts who are good in the business. Internet can help you a lot in this regard with useful sources where you can get the right idea with different tips, tricks and suggestions. Direct essay topics can also be found which you must evaluate on the basis of their usefulness, quality and their scope for research. This guide will also help you with some incredible suggestions on the history subject.

The top topics for IB Extended history essays:

The following is a list of the top topics on history subject, which you can consider for your IB extended essay paper:

  • - How the World War II was different than the World War I?
  • - What were the main factors for the downfall of Mughal Empire?
  • - What lessons you learned from the established Ottoman Empire?
  • - The 800 years rule of Muslims in Spain. Analyze.
  • - What you know about the history of Australian continent?
  • - How the 21st century can be compared with the last century in terms of development?
  • - What were the reasons behind the famous French Revolution?
  • - Was Alexander the Great, the most influential conqueror?
  • - How many places of the world that the British ruled and how?
  • - The reason behind the existence of UN?

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