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A List Of Good College Application Essay Topics To Consider

College application essay:

The college admission these days have very absurd and tough requirements which weren't that demanding some years ago. It is because of so much competition among students to get admission in the best college of their state. The college in this regard scans students in a number of ways before they consider them for some serious admission tests. One way of evaluating students is to ask them to apply with an admission essay. This can be a statement of purpose that why you want to join the college and can also have a lot of other things that you will be required to write about. This surprise essay test can be very tricky and the students should prepare themselves well before the time. They should look for all the available help and find out some useful material which can help them to write a good essay. The topic selection is the main idea to consider. If you selected the right topic, then writing and research will be much easier. A poorly selected topic can lead you to a deadlock right in the middle of your paper. So beware and find out the best topic that can make you write freely.

The topics for application essay:

The following are the best prompts or topics to be considered for writing college application essay:

  • - Tell about your past experience where you experienced a huge failure in your life.
  • - What is the most embarrassing moment of your life and why?
  • - How was your experience in your last day in school?
  • - Do you find English to be a tough subject? Give reasons in either case.
  • - What was the life changing moment of your life?
  • - How much influence do you have in your personality which comes from your parents?
  • - How can you convince someone if he has a firm belief on something?
  • - Which is your favorite type of environment and why?
  • - What is your opinion about extracurricular activities in school?
  • - What is the best phase of your life so far? Preschool or school?
  • - How difficult it is for you to wake up in the morning and get ready for school?
  • - Which is your most favorite academic subject and why?
  • - What do you think about the qualities that an ideal teacher should have?

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