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How to write an IB extended essay

The IB extended essay is really important. It's part of the IB diploma program and the beauty of this extended essay is that the choice of topic will pretty much guarantee you, the student, the motivation to complete a terrific essay. Of course you'll need to have it approved by the relevant teacher in your school. But because you have so much say in the choice of subject, you can make sure that it's something you really like or are passionate about. And this is important. Remember that your IB extended essay takes up some 4000 words so if you don't like the topic, producing such a total can be a struggle. You want to not only complete the extended essay but complete it in style. Love of the topic is a great way to achieve success.

So the first cab off the rank is the selection of the topic. If you have a topic you love then your problem will probably be that you will write too many words rather than too few. So not only will it help if you are keen on the topic, in addition you should follow this advice. Here is an important point regarding your choice of topic. Make it specific. Some students writing their IB extended essay select a theme rather than a topic. This is a mistake. A theme is more general than a topic. A topic can pinpoint an exact period or event or person. A theme is more general in nature and that makes it harder to grasp.

There are extended essay guidelines

Not only should you seek advice from your teacher regarding your IB extended essay, but you should also look over the extended essay guidelines. These are freely available and it is very important that you become familiar with them. It is common sense to examine all the available resources and when they're free and available online, there are no excuses.

At the same time you can also look over a variety of sample essay titles. Because so much assistance is available, you should take advantage of it to ensure that you produce the best possible extended essay. Remember that the extended essay is a requirement for you to obtain your IB diploma. Every little bit helps and choosing the correct and specific topic, following the guidelines and liaising with your subject teacher, will go a long way to helping you produce a top quality IB extended essay.

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