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Why You Should Not Copy From A Sample Extended Essay Downloaded Online

When you first move on campus you may struggle at first with the lack of privacy and find that this interferes with your writing or ability to focus. If you are struggling with this you may be tempted to copy a sample extended essay downloaded online which you would submit as your own. This is a terrible idea. Copying the work of something already published is considered plagiarism and is grounds for being kicked out of school.

On campus living lacks privacy above all. This can be unnerving, particularly if you enjoy your moments of being alone. Many halls are gender friendly which means your next door neighbor may be someone of the opposite sex. Other halls may be very strict about their hall rules which can be a nuisance for anyone in a relationship.

Another issue could you may face is that a lot of halls have communal bathrooms. Your RA (Resident advisor) is there to help make your transition easy and smooth. Try to avoid skipping classes, sleeping in, late parties that will keep you out too late, and refrain from making bad choices. You will learn that even with your new freedom, comes a whole new set of rules. Your resident advisor may friendly and eager to assist, but they are also there to make sure the rules are being followed.

If you do this you will find that the simple precautions allow you the time and privacy you need to truly study and avoid coping content from the internet.

Take Precautions

DUIs happen to many college students and many halls will throw hall parties to help prevent any alcohol-related accidents. Your behavior can determine what your college experience is like and can affect your reputation amongst your peers. It's simple, if you break the rules of the hall, there may be consequences for your actions.

The first time you return home for the holidays may be awkward and you'll want to follow the rules you parents usually enforce. You may want to have a discussion with your parents and voice any concerns that you might have. The experience is not only different for you, but is also different for your parents. When you voice these concerns, just remember that they love you and only worry because they care. You will find that they respect your new freedom, are impressed with your maturity, and are just excited to have you home.

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