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Expert Advice On How To Come Up With Ib Extended Essay Topics In Biology

An extended biology essay provides a student with the opportunity to research a topic of their choice in the area of biology to help them apply the skills that they have learned. It is characterized with a biological emphasis on a general context of scientific investigation. It is really important to choose an effective topic when you are writing an extended biology essay. It has to have a clear biological emphasis without appearing too closely to a related subject.

Biology deals with living organisms and their life processes. So your paper should not only focus on biological theories but should also incorporate the essential nature of your subject as well. Your topic should follow these guidelines in order to be considered.

  • - Like other extended essays in other experimental sciences, the topic must relate distinctly to biology.
  • - If discussing a topic that relates to other fields, for example a disease, you want to make sure that your paper concentrates on the biological aspect of diseases and not on the medical treatment of the disease.
  • - Do not choose a topic that is unsuitable because of ethical issues. If the experiment would inflict pain or additional stress on the test subject, it should not be used.
  • - Do not choose a subject that is unsuitable due to safety issues. If the experiment would subject the test subjects to toxic or radioactive materials, it should not be allowed.
  • - Choose a topic that has not already been studied. If there is already a documented experiment done on the same issue, it is not a suitable topic for this type of paper.
  • - The topic should be specific and not of a general nature. A general topic is not good to use for this paper because you need to be able to supply evidence on the subject. If it is too broad, you will never be able to test the entire body to prove the thesis. If you are talking about malnutrition in children, you should choose a region of the World and choose how malnutrition effects these children.

Finding a topic can be a tedious task but once you find one, it will start to get a lot easier. If you concentrate on finding a perfect topic first, finding information and developing your thoughts will be less intimidating because you will have a good grasp on the concepts that you can and will discuss.

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