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How to create an extended essay title page

While it is true that the quality of your research and writing will determine to a large extent the score or result you get from your extended essay, how you set out your title page does have some importance. Remember that this is the first thing the person reading your extended essay will see. If you do the right thing, follow the instructions and produce an excellent title page, you have the reader of your work in a good mood. They are keen to get on with the reading of your extended essay.

There are a number of simple rules to follow. You can find these rules on any number of websites and your teacher or professor will be only too happy to explain them to you as well. Learn them, use them and get your extended essay off to a flying start.

Some basic things to do with your extended essay title page

  • - Place the complete title in the centre of your page about a third of the way down.

  • - If your title includes a quotation, place only the exact words of the quotation in quotation marks. The same thing would apply to a poem or title of a short story or novel if they form part of your extended essay title.

  • - There is a bit of artwork involved in your title page title, particularly if it is very long. Try and have an approximately equal number of words in each line.

Remember that the title of your extended essay is really a question.

Three other important pieces of information need to appear on your title page. They are your full name, the one which you use on your ID documents. Then there will be the name of your school and your individual IB identification number. And finally, and double spaced and in the centre in capital letters, will be your total word count. Easy to tabulate when you use a variety of word processing software programs.

It's important to remember that not only do you have to have the right amount of specific information on your extended essay title page, but you also have to get the layout right. There are many examples of good title pages and bad ones. Look at the examples and copy the good layout.

Like the APA format and other layout requirements, the IB extended essay title page has some fixed rules. Learn them and use them.

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