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Searching for well-written extended essay abstract examples

The extended essay is a common task prescribed for students throughout many years of their education. It is an important test of the students' ability to choose a topic, research a topic and write well about it. Extended essays can be written in almost any subject and certainly on any subject in the curriculum of your school. Usually the upper limit of an extended essay is 4000 words. So straight away you can see that this is not a task you will complete in a few minutes.

Usually the student is allowed to choose the topic themselves, which has many benefits, but it is expected that the topic chosen will relate directly in some way to the curriculum being studied.

How to find well-written extended essay abstract examples

Go looking. It is easy and cost-free. And the benefits of a successful search are many and varied. Your school will almost certainly keep the record of work completed by students who have written extended essays. Even if they don't, you will find vast numbers of extended essays listed online. There are many benefits in studying previous examples.

Learning from the work of others is a tried and tested aspect of education. Particularly by studying the work of successful students you are able to see the topics they chose, the methodology they used and the comments from the teacher regarding the work.

Another outstanding benefit when looking online is the fact that extended essays are available in a wide variety of subjects. Almost every subject available in your curriculum will have well-written extended essay abstract examples for you to peruse. When you add to the fact that perusing this material is free, you can see how much support there is to assist you in your academic work.

If you are writing an extended essay according to the requirements of the international baccalaureate for example, again going online will enable you to find a wide variety of examples. This is a perfect situation in which copying is not only condoned but recommended. You're not there to plagiarize the work of another student but rather to see what they wrote about and how they wrote it.

When these extended essays which are available are well-written, and you can tell that because of the comments and grading from the teachers, you are in a perfect position to see what is required for you to produce a well-written extended essay.

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