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How To Come Up With Winning IB Biology Extended Essay Topic Ideas

To make other students interested in your composition is not easy. They heard the same ideas many times before, so you need to write about something really interesting to get them involved. If you are taking a biology course and you want to create a great extended essay, you have to be ready to make research for a few weeks before you have all the information that you need. Here is how to come up with some great topics for your text:

  • - Think about what animal you love the most. It's easy to write about something that you love, especially if you have a dear pet in your house. You can make a great essay about an animal and you can talk about his behavior from your own experience. You can also bring pictures with your pet, and talk about the most important moments that you spent with him. However, don't forget that the composition needs to be accurate from scientific point of view.
  • - Watch a few documentaries. This is a great way of documenting yourself and you will not feel like you are actually studying. For sure you will find one interesting subject to discuss in your paper, and you already have a great source of information in front of view. While watching, write down the most important ideas on a paper so you will not forget them when you start writing.
  • - Make a composition about an exotic animal. It does not matter how many movies you watch and how many books you read; you can't know everything about every animal that exists. Why not search for a new and interesting one? Your classmates will be eager to find out more since they did not hear about this before, and you will improve your general knowledge.
  • Find out more about carnivorous plants. We are used with the facts that plants don't eat, at least not in the way we do. Well, there are some plants that eat rats, cockroaches and small birds. They have teeth and something similar with our stomach where they digest their food. You can search some videos and present them in front of your class, together with your essay. I am sure that everyone will be interested to know more, since they did not hear about this before. Believe me, your professor will like it.

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