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Writing An IB Extended Essay In Biology In An Appropriate Manner

The extended essay is considered as one of the major requirements for the IB Diploma course. This type of writing aims at providing students an opportunity to research on the topic that they want to and produce a 4000 word detailed essay on that topic. Generally, the students are free to choose any topic as long as there is some subject teacher associated with that topic in the school. However, sometimes the teachers themselves assign topics to students. Then the task becomes a little more difficult. And when the topic is biology, the students need to work hard on it. However, hard work and research are key to write a successful extended essay on biology. Here are mentioned certain rules that you need to keep in mind:

  1. It is highly recommended by IBO that the students should spend at least 40 hours to write their IB writing on biology. It is always better to start early. Do not put your task on last weekend, as you might not be able to complete on time or it may be lacking quality.

  2. The first thing to decide is the topic of your essay. Decide the topic that interests you. Do not decide it in haste or you will end up writing only half and will feel exhausted.

  3. Keep calm while writing your extended essay. Just keep in mind that research is the key. If you do this part well, you draft may extend to even 7000-8000 words. And you have to write only 4000 words. So no need to stress yourself, just keep yourself motivated while writing.

  4. Make sure to meet all the guidelines as told by your teachers. This will definitely take time, but chances of rejection will be the minimum this way

  5. Bear in mind that your writing should point to a specific topic related to biology. It should be focused as well as specific and should also have some part of cause and effect relationship.

  6. Do not hesitate to take help from your seniors or your supervisors. You can also take the help of the internet.

  7. Always proofread your work at regular intervals and make sure that you have met all the guidelines.

If you follow the above mentioned guidelines, you can surely come out with a well written IB extended essay on biology.

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