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Finding good English IB extended essay examples online

The International Baccalaureate or IB is an excellent educational institution for a number of reasons. It offers a wide curriculum and a detailed study on the subjects within the curriculum. It is universally recognized. A student in one country who gains success in their IB studies can rest assured that that success will count around the globe.

The extended essay or EE is one which can go up to 4000 words and is obviously therefore more substantial than an essay which has only 500 or 1500 words. With an extended essay there is more preparation, more of the actual writing and consequently, more material to proofread and edit.

The writing of an extended essay requires the same amount of dedication and preparation as you would use and extend in a normal essay. The difference being of course that an extended essay will take longer to produce.

The IB extended essays have many examples

This is one of the great benefits of the Internet. There are many examples of extended essays appropriate for the International Baccalaureate which can be found online. These extended essays appear in a significant number of subjects in the IB curriculum.

English, history, biology, chemistry, arts, music, mathematics and more are all covered in the samples provided. All of these subjects have extended essay examples online. Every IB subject you choose to study can be explained with these samples.

Many educational experts will tell you that one of the best ways to learn is to copy excellent examples of the work you are studying. Some will even suggest that you copy verbatim the essays which are put up as examples. Of course that doesn't mean you then submit that work as your own.

But by taking the time to study in detail the extended essay examples, you get to see the structure, the flow of language, the way arguments are developed and prosecuted and the way conclusions are drawn to wrap up the extended essay. This is a mini teaching program in your own home.

It is all very simple. Simply by going online and using a search engine with such words as International Baccalaureate extended essay examples, you will discover a range of websites which offer this material. There is no excuse for your not seeing the structure and content of these extended essay examples. They are there for you to enjoy and to profit from.

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