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Coming Up With Interesting IB Extended Essay Topics

IB extended essay topics should not be such a problem for you at the moment. There are so many students who thought this would be a challenge but with a few good ideas here and there, they have been able to have things easy on them since then. One of the biggest problems that students have is that in most cases they tend to freak out and worry about things that they are not supposed to worry about. This only ends up making their work harder in the long run.

Coming up with interesting IB extended essay topics should not even be something that you need to worry about anymore. The reason for this is because choosing some of these topics is actually a very easy thing to do. Let us walk through some of the basics of choosing a good title and then from there we will see how easy it all turns out for you in the long run.

Think beyond the obvious

Lazy students struggle with thinking about things that they are not supposed to worry about. In the long run they will end up choosing a title that is so simple it will not even pass in the first place. When you are choosing your topics, you must realize that this is an international resource for learners and educators all over the world. As a result of this international acclaim, you have to put in some quality into your work. Good quality will help you earn more marks and help you get your paper a strong pass.

Go through the handbook available

The online curriculum center of the IB World Schools often provides a handbook that students can use to help them choose a topic for their essay. Before you start working on your paper therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you get some time to go through this handbook to ensure that you are able to learn one or two things that will go so far in helping you make sure you deliver a good paper.


Anyone who wants to present a good IB extended essay must make sure that they do some good research before they go ahead and start writing. This is important because it will help the student learn what has been done before and know the standards that have been set in the past too.

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