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The right IB extended essay format

One of the great things about the International Baccalaureate extended essay format is that it is listed in detail in a multitude of places. You cannot miss finding out the recommendations. They are in hardcopy publications and of course in innumerable places online. Finding these recommendations is one thing; following them is quite another.

Do not guess. Do not think that close enough is good enough. This is not art where someone's opinion is what counts. This is science. So when they say that the abstract of your extended essay should not exceed the maximum word count of 300 words, then that is exactly what they mean. When they say that this abstract should have three paragraphs, they don't mean four paragraphs.

And on it goes. Each paragraph in the abstract must contain a specific number of words. You need between 75 and 100 words for the first paragraph, between 100 and 125 for the second and between 50 and 75 for the third paragraph. As you can see there is room to move but the format is detailed.

The topic is all powerful

Not only must you choose well in selecting a topic for your extended essay, because the choice will have a large role to play in how well you write, but you must also list your topic in a variety of locations such as the abstract, the table of contents and of course in your opening paragraph.

It goes without saying that you must address your topic in a clear and understandable fashion throughout your 4000 words.

Even the simple things are important

Obviously you need to create an excellent extended essay but its presentation is equally important. For example the font size is important as is the type face. Times New Roman and 12 point are required. You must list your personal information on the title page in the bottom right corner. If you are planning to receive an International Baccalaureate Diploma then this extended essay is a major part of the course. Include your full name, your IB student number, your school and your subject area.

There are many more rules in the layout of your extended essay including the margins on all pages, the fact that the work is double spaced and that the page number is always in the top right corner but never on the cover or title page. Learn the rules of the presentation. It would be a pity to spoil the excellent research and writing skills on display in your extended essay.

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