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IB Extended Essay Topics: 5 Smart Steps To Do Before Making A Choice

Writing an IB extended essay can be a difficult task for students. Before they choose a topic, students should become knowledgeable about the subject area. To the uninformed, a weak topic selection may seem like a good choice. Instead of going with the first topic that they think of, students should consider every option carefully.

Selecting a Subject

The first step in working on the IB extended essay is to figure out the right topic. If students hate literature or history, they should pick a different subject. The paper will sound better if it is written in a subject area that the student actually likes. Students will spend a lot of time working on this paper, so they need to make sure that it is something they enjoy. Likewise, students may want to pick a subject that is taught by their favorite teacher. If their teacher is available to help them on the paper, it will make the entire writing process much easier.

Narrow It Down to a Topic Area

Once a subject has been selected, students should check some books about the subject from the library. While reading, they should jot down any topics that they are interested in. They should keep in mind that there are specific guidelines released by the IB that govern topic selection. After writing down a bunch of ideas, students should throw out any topics that are not allowed. The best topics will be completely original. If students can find an essay on the topic online, then they probably should pick another idea.

Choosing the Topic

After narrowing it down to a specific subject, students must figure out the exact topic and thesis that they want. For example, an essay about Jane Austen would be a terrible idea because the topic area is too broad. Instead, students could pick particular themes in one of her books and create a thesis about it.

Performing the Research

Before the student sits down to write, they will need to research their topic thoroughly. Their initial feelings about a thesis may be completely wrong, and the student does not want to discover this later on. While researching the paper, students should write down where they found specific information. Tracking the sources during the research process will make it easier to write the bibliography at the end of the paper. Likewise, careful notes about the sources will make it simpler for students to find where they read a particular idea.

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