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Where can I get a free extended essay sample?

The short answer to the question in the title of this article is pretty much anywhere. You should talk to your teacher who is working with you on your IB curriculum because he or she may very well have access to resources where you can see a number of free extended essay samples. Why go looking far afield when what you require is very close to home?

But the most likely source for you to get a free extended essay sample is online. There are many institutions and businesses which are happy to list free samples all with the aim of helping you become a better IB student.

It's easy to learn from the experts

Despite changes in education philosophy over the decades, it is still widely accepted that an excellent way to improve your expertise in a subject is to study how others have done it before you. Obviously the work you should concentrate on is that which has received an outstanding or excellent rating. You can look at poor examples provided that the mistakes are clearly indicated.

By using a basic search engine with such words as free extended essay sample, you open up a wide variety of websites with all of those free samples.

Are you looking at quality work?

It's important that you understand that because a free extended essay sample is available it is not necessarily of high-quality. Getting something for nothing may not always be a bargain. You need to be sure that the sample of the free extended essay you have obtained is one which merits high regard. It has to be good.

By all means learn by reading the work of others and particularly others who have done well in their extended essay work. But make sure that the material that you are studying has sufficient force and merit.

Remember that anyone or any group can up-load free extended essays. In theory this sounds fine. You get to read, even study, in detail the work of students who have created up to 4,000 words on a particular topic. You can read their content, note their methodology and even perhaps read the comments of the academic who has corrected or marked the essay.

This is all grist to the mill and even better because it's free. But be sure that what you are studying is a top example of the craft and will give you valuable insights into the topic and format.

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