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How To Choose Researchable IB Extended Essay Topics

As a student, a dissertation is a very important document for you to have. The recommended guide to selecting a good topic is to base the dissertation to the issue at hand, You should base it on the course that you are taking. You also want the topic that you are choosing is really good with you. You need to have a lot of passion for the topic that you are using. When you have this, you will be at a good position to have an easy time in your writing.

When you want to come up with a dissertation topic that is related to the educational sector, you need to consider the topics that are listed below.

  • What is the impact of certifying parents who home school as teachers?
  • Is the role of video games to the students with ADD a good one?
  • Is there any problem with conducting of single-sex education?
  • Is it beneficial for students to learn music and art courses at school?
  • What is the best way to stop bullying at school?
  • Should students be taught the creationism as they are did with the theory of evolution?
  • Is it better to get rid of books that have racist language from school libraries?

When you are writing a dissertation on English, you can consider the following topics.

  • What was the impact of blacklisting movies on television in the 1950s?
  • Do the American media depict the right details of Islam?
  • Should the government regulate the social media privacy settings?
  • Is it necessary for students in America pursue a second language?
  • Critically critique a gothic an ancient gothic book from the 19th century to the current vampire novels among the young people.
  • What was the role of symbolism on the work of Chekhov or Poe?
  • What social issues led to the creation of the Harlem Renaissance?
  • What is the impact of the media on eating disorders?
  • What is the impact of blogging on dissemination of information?
  • What is the role of mass communication have on the global awareness?
  • What is the relationship between internet censorship and the freedom of speech?

You might also be writing on health and biological sciences. There are many topics that you can always come up with. Some of them are:

  • What are the harmful effects of artificial sugar?
  • Should GMOs have legally warning labels?
  • What is the role of mobile phones to the nursing field?
  • Is the grandmother hypothesis really helpful to help people live longer?
  • What is the role of advertising to childhood obesity?

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