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International baccalaureate extended essay topics

If you are writing an international baccalaureate extended essay but don't know where to start you should consider these research topics below:

  • - Evaluate the effectiveness of abstinence programs
  • - Should certain advertisements be banned in the interest of morality and mortality? Such as ads for prescription medications or alcohol
  • - What is the solution to the many wars being fought in Africa?
  • - Are there better methods than those currently in existence for airport security? Compare threats that were thwarted through modern techniques versus those which were not caught.
  • - Evaluate whether it should be legal to use animals for entertainment and sports
  • - Evaluate whether beauty contests serve any social purpose/what psychological damage do they do for youth
  • - Determine when art is not truly "art". Use the example of the artist who used elephant dung to depict the Virgin Mary and was widely criticized.

Use these topic examples to inspire you. Reflect on what they stir in you and what topics might come to mind. Many students face challenges in abundance when it comes to writing their extended essay even after they have the topic in hand. They become burdened by these challenges and end up procrastinating in lieu of being productive. Thankfully you can address each of these challenges and persevere.

    Challenge #1:

  • Getting Started
  • Completed your IB extended essay can be challenging if you are unaware of what is expected from you. So attend your department orientations and read your course handbooks. Read through the guidelines and review books on extended essay writing. Look for previous examples in your school library.

    Challenge #2:

  • Manage Your Writing
  • You will get much more done if you manage your writing from the beginning. This means you should create a separate file for each of the items below and save them as per the guidelines for your extended essay:

    • - Cover page
    • - Abstract/keywords
    • - Table of Contents
    • - Ethics statement
    • - Statement of original work
    • - Acknowledgements
    • - Formalities
    • - References
    • - Appendices

    Then you want to make a separate file for each of your chapters. Consider dividing them as follows:

    • - Introduction
    • - Literature review if applicable
    • - Body
    • - Discussion
    • - Summary and conclusion

Once you have done this you will be well on your way to start the necessary research and reading. You can start writing in an organized fashion and build a great extended essay.

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