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Where To Get A Solid IB Extended Essay Example Without Trouble

The achievement of International Bachelor (IB) degree in most areas depends upon the completion of extended essay, so you probably are ready to put enough time and work in writing this paper. However, even more important than working hard is knowing how to do it properly; this is where solid examples come in handy.

  • The International Baccalaureate Organization website.
  • The International Baccalaureate is the organization whose members will evaluate your IB essay and whether grant a degree or not. The IBO has developed the guidelines to follow when writing this kind of papers, and they also store the best submitted examples on their website. By exploring it, you can discover collections of 50 best essays by subject. These are probably the only samples you will need to realize what is required of you and how to do it.

  • Your academic institution's website.
  • The website of your school or university might have several IB essay examples for you to use. You can be sure that they have passed a strict check by your professors before being uploaded. Not all of these examples have actually been written by students; some might have been composed by academic staff who excellently know the IB requirements. If on-site search yields nothing, check the online database of your library; collections of essay examples might be stored there as well. To make your search faster, look not for IB papers in general but for those written in your chosen discipline - history, English, or whatever. If you have not made up your mind yet, it might be useful to look through examples in each of the subjects you are considering. Viewing them will give you an idea of the required scope of work.

  • Your supervisor.
  • The teacher to whom you will have to submit your essay can help as well. You finding (and following) good examples means less work for him or her when checking the paper, so the instructor will gladly point out the place to obtain accurate samples from. He or she might even have successful IB papers previously submitted by students on file. Anyway, you risk nothing by asking for help, and you can get quality examples without any effort.

  • Your peers.
  • When all the other options have failed for some reasons, you still have this last one. Come in touch with a person who has done a successful IB essay recently, and ask for a look at their paper. Be polite and ready to render a similar service in return, and you will probably be rewarded with a great example.

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