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Where Can I Find A Good Example Of A Short Essay About George W. Bush?

When taking an American History class or a Political Science class, you may be assigned a short paper on a president. As a rule, smaller compositions do not run longer than a typed, double-spaced page. Therefore, you may not have the luxury of having any extra writing devices such as transitions or universal statements. The piece will probably be either one or three paragraphs. If it is three, there will be an introductory, body, and conclusion paragraph. Because this style of writing has to be precise and to-the-point, you might want to use a sample one to model your paper after as you write. Use our advice on where you can locate an good example short essay on George W. Bush.

Where to Find a Short Essay on George W. Bush

  • Texas Archives or sites-since Bush has a connection to Texas, you may want to begin your search by reaching out to archived pieces from Texas sources. You may have to send a request email, so this might not be the best choice for you if time is an issue.
  • Magazines-many of the better political science magazines, have pieces on the United States presidents. You can look at the magazine websites to see what they have archived. Keep in mind, that you are looking for a shorter selection.
  • General Online Search-perform a general online search using the keywords: president, short essay, and George W. Bush. You will get a lot of hits, so use some kind of quality criteria to make sure the piece you do use as a model was written by a qualified person. Some criteria might be that it comes from an academic source.
  • A professional writing company-you can hire a company to help you find a model. If they have on one hand, the price will be much less than if a writer has to create a custom piece for you. Talk to the company to see what is available and if you can actually afford to go this route.
  • Your teacher-if the teacher has given this assignment in the past, he or she may have model examples on hand. Email or go to see the teacher to see if he or she can show you a piece to use as a guide.

When searching for the perfect model piece, check out Texas organizations and archives, peruse notable magazine website, do a general online search, hire a professional writing company, or go see your teacher.

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