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How To Edit And Proofread An Ib Extended Essay

Editing and proofreading an IB extended essay is important. These aspects ensure your paper is completed to the best of your ability. They completed the presentation process and encourage better reading for your audience. Any errors or mistakes are recognized to improve essay quality. But, if you are facing the task of editing and proofreading your essay, how do you get started? You should have basic tips to help you know what to look for, how to make changes correctly and even review additional options when you are unable to do the process on your own.

Know Common Errors to Look for While Editing and Proofreading

Your essay content should make logic sense to readers. Your content should have good flow and consistency with ideas and concepts. Sentence and paragraph structure is solid with concise details appropriate for your audience to understand. Comma usage, word usage and spelling should be checked and corrected. Take time to read over your content out loud and make note of changes you need to make before making them. Have someone you trust read over your work and make suggestions for improvement.

Understand How to Make Corrections Before You Make Them

Print out your essay and use a red pen to circle or underline changes. You can go back to the computer and make changes before finalizing content. Some students may not be able to pick out errors if they are not familiar with what they are. So, in attempting to edit and proofread your own content, you need to know what you are doing. Get a handbook that can provide tips on how to make corrections. You want to look at elements that will stand out to readers like a sore thumb. You may also want to review sources and double-check facts mentioned if this applies.

When You Feel Uncomfortable about Reviewing Your Work on Your Own

Consider professional editors and proofreaders. Some students learn early in the writing process they do not have this type of patience. Others may have busy schedules making it impossible to do the task on their own. You can get help from expert professionals that understand the IB extended essay and how it should look before submission. Many professionals have the ability to review content quickly just in time to beat the deadline.

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