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Be Sure To Read Extended Essay Examples Before Starting Your Paper

Extended essays can be difficult if you are not familiar with them. It is important therefore that you read extended essay examples before you start your paper so that you not only are familiar with the style but with the requirements.

This is especially important when you move away to college and are overwhelmed with other things.

  • 1. College life can be intimidating to a newcomer. You live in a strange environment with a new roommate or two, experiencing something you've never dealt with before. A healthy social life will allow a person to quickly overcome any fears they have about college. This means that you must aim to maintain old friendships at home, new friendships, participate in clubs/groups, and still maintain good grades. Many freshmen will say that their roommate was the hardest obstacle they had to face.

  • 2. Most universities have you fill out a questionnaire so they can pair you with the right roommate. Many students find this experience frightening because it's new and can be a weird living situation, at first. Several universities provide the contact information of a future roommate during the summer, so that you can get to know them before the big day.

  • 3. It's vital that you decide right from the start whether you want to sleep late, wake up early, compare class schedules, designated areas of the room for each person, and then determine specific time for showers, bathroom schedules, and rules for visitors, discuss pet peeves, etc...

It is best to discuss any problems as soon as they begin. Keep the line of communication open and work out a strategy for discussing problems before they turn into something larger. If you don't agree on politics and social views, then you might want to avoid discussing those topics until you know your roommate better. If you have a similar interest, try doing the activity together. This can help ease your mind and will allow you to get better acquainted.

An important thing to remember is how certain phobias about college might be prevented through careful planning. For example, some students will worry about gaining the "freshman 15". This is a proven fact for many people that begin college; they will no longer have the same physique compared to their high school days. By taking all of this into consideration you can prepare for college and extended essay writing with ease.

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