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How to get a non-plagiarized extended essay example

An extended essay is one which is simply larger than normal. In simple terms we can divide essays into three broad categories.

  • The basic essay of 500 to 2000 words.
  • The extended essay of up to 4000 words.
  • The dissertation of many, many words.

Every high school and college student will be conversant with writing basic essays. They can be in different formats but the actual size or number of words is something with which all students are familiar. The next step up, so to speak, is the extended essay. One of the main benefits of the extended essay is that it serves as an excellent training exercise for any student wanting to progress further in their studies. The writing of a dissertation can be learnt in principle when creating a research paper in the format of an extended essay.

It's the same as the basic essay only about twice as long. So the principles of preparation for an extended essay are still the same. You need to directly address the topic, answer the question, support the argument you propose, obviously research the subject extensively and write and edit well.

Now there will be some students who wish to get professional help with their extended essay. They may go online and search for examples of extended essays. They know that one of the best ways to learn is to see how other successful writers have tackled the subject.

One of the tricky aspects of obtaining material online today involves the subject of plagiarism. If you as a student want to obtain an extended essay example, you have to be as certain as possible that the example you are studying does not contain plagiarized material. How can you be sure of this situation?

What is the history of the provider?

It is important to be able to check the bona fides of the person or business which is publishing the extended essay examples. Are they a reputable business? Have they been in operation for many years? Do they have a large number of clients many of whom have written a glowing testimonial about the services from this particular business?

When you can be as sure as possible that the supplier of the extended essay example is a fair and honourable business, you can be confident that the extended essay example you obtain from them does not contain plagiarized material.

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