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The best IB extended essay examples

First and foremost you need to realize that the International Baccalaureate extended essay is not a five-minute assignment. It is part of the IBO diploma program and as such needs to be taken seriously. So seriously that the International Baccalaureate itself recommends that at least 40 hours should be spent on the research and writing of your extended essay. The finished product will be 4000 words but those words need to be well-chosen, well-written and very well presented. In fact many students write thousands of words over the required amount and then reduce and refine to get their finished essay.

The key to success in almost every case is your choice of extended essay topic. There are guidelines which suggest subjects from which specific topics can be drawn. But perhaps the best way to choose your EE topic is to read some or even many of the essay examples freely available.

There are at least three sources for you to find the best International Baccalaureate extended essay examples.

  • ask your teacher
  • check out the EE forums
  • go online

Every student who is eligible to create an extended essay as part of their International Baccalaureate Diploma will have a supervising teacher. Asking them for the opportunity to read through examples of other extended essays is a good way to improve your skills. This is particularly so if your teacher is experienced and has been supervising students in the IB EE program for a number of years. Studying examples of the work of other students is a great learning experience.

Online you will find a number of IB EE forums or blogs in which students discuss their extended essay. They talk about the topic they have chosen and the research they have carried out and many of these posts on such forums refer to examples of extended essays. It's a great way for you to become familiar with what other students have done before hand. You can learn so much from a well-written extended essay.

Finally there are the websites which provide examples of extended essays. This is a sort of free university of the digital age where you have the opportunity to study in detail extended essays and particularly those which have received a high mark. One of the real benefits of the information super highway is the availability of examples of work created by intelligent and hard-working students. Copy their format and style and apply their technique to your own extended essay.

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