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How to use a good IB extended essay example to your advantage

There is a time in every student's career when they have to write an IB extended essay. Such a project will often bring with it unnecessary anxiety which results in procrastination. This fear and anxiety often stems from the fact that students may not be familiar with the requirements and process. But have no fear! This can be changed through practice and exposure to samples!

When you are writing an extended essay you must remember that is an important component to your academic career. It can be a rewarding experience if it is done correctly. Remember that all seasoned academics in your field have had to write the extended essay during their career as well. Completing it takes discipline. It takes organization as well as a willingness to learn (including to learn from your mistakes). It will also take patience. As a student you will be able to achieve great things through the research and writing of an extended essay.

Writing a good essay begins with finding the right topic. But not all students can come about this naturally. It takes creativity and imagination. Sometimes it takes a few days or a few weeks before the right topic hits you. But once it hits you the rest of the work will seem easy in comparison. Consider the examples below for inspiration regarding your extended essay topic:

  • - Address whether the U.S. policy toward Al Qaeda has spread terrorism in lieu of containing it. Address whether their actions will get better or worse and why.

  • - Evaluate why America's infrastructure regarding waterways as well as roadways is failing compared to the rest of the developed world. It might be helpful to compare it to a specific country.

  • - Evaluate the ethics behind paying cheap wages to undeveloped nations by U.S. based companies. Is it unethical or does it help those countries and their citizens?

  • - Research why and how child soldiers are used in modern warfare.

  • - Evaluate how cell phones have changed people socially.

With these topics in mind consider reading a few examples of extended essays in your school library. Pay particular attention to those examples which fall under your department. This will show you what was expected of previous students and help you to better understand what will be expected of you when writing your extended essay.

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