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How To Write An A-Grade History IB Extended Essay

Thoroughly research the syllabus to find a topic that you are interested

In order to write an A-grade history IB extended essay, it is important that you choose a topic to write about that you will enjoy. Furthermore, it should be a topic that you are interested in and, therefore, will be able to write about with ease.

As well as making the writing process more enjoyable and easier for you, by picking a topic that you enjoy, it will mean that you will be more likely to produce good quality and interesting work. As a result, it is likely to be beneficial for any grade that you receive for the work, as whoever is reading and marking the work will enjoy the process a lot more than if you've written a boring essay on a subject that you weren't interested in.

To help you find topics that you're interested in, it can be a good idea to thoroughly research the syllabus that you have studied. It is easy to forget good topics that you have enjoyed, therefore, by looking back over what you studied, you may well find a topic that you had forgotten you have studied but would actually really like to write about.

Look over past papers to give yourself extra inspiration

As well as looking over the syllabus you studied, it can be good idea to look at past papers that your school or university can provide you with, so as to help inspire you to think of more ideas to write about. Furthermore, looking over past papers will give you a good understanding of how to structure and format your essay, so as to ensure that it is as high quality as possible.

Check free or paid samples for ideas about the content and formatting

As well as looking over past papers for ideas about formatting and structuring, it can be a good idea to look at free or paid samples that you can find on various websites on the Internet. Furthermore, they may give you some tips and ideas about what content to include in your own essay.

Having an expert check the finished work

Finally, having written the work, it is absolutely essential that you check it for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. In fact, so important is this aspect of the writing process, that it can be worth paying an expert to check the work for you.

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