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The Secret To Making Your IB Extended Essay A Success

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is one that attracts some of the most talented you students around the world. If you are one of these, most assuredly you already possess the secrets to your own success. Regardless, if your confidence should be low and you're wondering how to write your extended essay successfully, the tips you find below should get you back on track.

  • Be sure you understand what's expected of you
  • An extended essay, as the name implies, is quite long. At 4000 words, it's close to the length of some novellas. In addition, because the IB is generally only undertaken by gifted students, the expectation is that anyone writing this essay will produce work of genius quality. Read through all the available booklets and study guides and check the governing organization's blog for any details that can clue you in to whatever else you need.

  • Practice writing in advance
  • You can look into some of the extended essay topics that have been completed in previous years. A simple web search will yield this information and if you attend a registered IB school, your teacher should be able to provide you with one as well. Because the word count is so high on the extended essay, it is better to write shorter trial papers than to stick to the 4000 words each time you practice. If you have enough free time, however, or you maintain an extraordinary typing speed, you can write the entire 4000 words or more.

  • Compile your references well
  • The research required to do an extended essay will most assuredly mean that your paper makes reference to the works of others. When you put together your sources, make note of any information you need to create good citations. In some cases just the ISBN will suffice if you intend to use an online citation generating site. In other cases the name and date of the publication will do the trick. If you're old fashioned, the option is always there for you to write your citations out and input them manually at the appropriate time. The important thing is to include them.

  • Format
  • As with all pieces of academic writing, you extended essay needs to comply with the rules of a writing style. Templates make this simple but guide booklets tend to be more thorough.

Use these tips if they sound helpful but remember, you can do this on your own.

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