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How To Write A Strong History Ib Extended Essay: Tips, Tricks, And Topics

Writing a history IB extended essay does not have to be the worst part of a student's year. With the history essay, students can write on a topic that they have not worked on in class. This gives them a chance to research a subject that interests them. In general, this essay requires about 40 hours of work and will place a higher emphasis on using primary sources.

  • Sources Matter
  • History is a field that is all about the sources. In basic high school classes, students may have used a textbook or secondary sources to write their essay. With the history IB essay, students should make sure that they find primary sources. These may be letters, first-person interviews or videos of the time period. For the best grade on the essay, students must make sure that their reference list includes a significant number of primary source materials .

  • Research an Interesting Topic
  • Since this essay takes about 40 hours to research and write, students should pick a topic that actually interests them. The student's engagement with the topic is clearly felt by the reader. If the student does not care about the subject, the essay will be tedious and boring to read.

  • Get Help
  • Teachers exist for a reason; they are there to help students. When writing an extended essay, students should utilize every resource at their disposal. Teachers can be a useful source of topic ideas and inspiration. If the student is stuck on the research, their teacher may be able to advise them on locations of source material or different books about the topic.

  • Always Edit
  • Each essay should be meticulously proofread and edited. Spelling errors,typos and grammar issues distract the reader from the student's ideas. If students want to achieve a high score, they must create an essay that is grammatically perfect. At the very least, the document should be spell checked before it is submitted.

  • Read it Out Loud
  • One of the best ways to spot grammar and syntax problems is to read the document out loud. By slowing reading through the essay aloud, students are forced to actually pay attention to their mistakes. They may hear grammar problems that they would not normally notice when they are just reading through the document. Likewise, reading aloud gives the student a chance to slowly consider if they have developed a logical argument. Each part of the essay must be designed to support the thesis. If part of the argument is illogical or does not fit into the flow of the paper, students will have a chance to recognize this fact and change the essay.

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