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How To Write A Successful IB Extended Essay In 5 Steps

Many students get really nervous when the time comes for them to write IB extended essays. This simple guide should help you succeed with this task.

  • - Step 1: Choose the Right Topic
  • If you choose a good topic, writing the essay itself will be much easier. The topic for this kind of paper should be interesting to you personally as it will be incredibly difficult to write a good 4000 words paper about something you dislike or find boring.

    Think of the things you truly like in your field of study and identify the areas that require more research. This is where you should look for your topic. Please note that the scope of the topic should be appropriate for a paper of this size.

  • - Step 2: Start Your Research
  • Now that you know what to write about you need to actually decide on the things you need to include in your paper. As you cannot develop a good outline if you don't have all the necessary information, you should start with research.

    Be sure to take detailed notes and color code them This way, they will be much easier to manage when you actually start writing. It may be even better to use note cards as they can be managed more quickly and efficiently.

  • - Step 3: Develop an Outline
  • An outline is the plan of your essay. It should list all your arguments in the order they will be presented in the text. It is usually best to move from your strongest argument down in order to persuade the readers from the very beginning.

    To do a better job, you should develop an outline in two steps. First, write a list of all the arguments you consider important. Next, refine and reorder this list. If necessary, do some more research to determine which evidence is the most persuasive.

  • - Step 4: Write the First Draft
  • At this point you will need to start writing the actual paper. At first, you should put all your thoughts on paper. Do not worry if you step away from the outline or write more than the required 4000 words.

    Your first draft doesn't have to be pretty or even coherent. The point of this step is to write as many solid arguments as you can.

  • - Step 5: Make a Perfect Essay
  • Take your draft and reread it, then read it again and rearrange the paragraphs in the most efficient manner. Once you are satisfied with the content, move on to editing. Eliminate all mistakes and you will have an excellent extended essay on your hands.

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