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How To Write A Winning School Entrance Essay Without Effort

So you want to go to college? Then you're going to need a winning entrance essay that will knock the socks off any admissions officer. What a daunting and stressful task! Hours and hours of staring at a blank page, pondering over your whole life and that horrid question only a few ever answer correctly. Why should you be admitted to blah, blah university? Well, stress no more! Here is four ways to write an entrance essay without the effort.

  • Take your time: Why rush something this important? Take the time to really think about the field you are going into. Think about what got you interested in that particular field and how you really feel about the field. This will also help you answer the question: Why should you be admitted to blah, blah university?
  • Write a web-plot: Writing out plot or plan, will help organize your thoughts. Put your thesis or main point, in the center of the plot. You can branch out all the things you want to talk about from the main point. Talk about your successes in high school, any awards that were won pertaining to your interest in your chosen field, and lastly, talk about what you might be able to contribute.
  • Don't sell yourself short: Even if you think you've done nothing astounding that would impress admissions, just be yourself and let your hard work speak for itself. If you've kept good grades and worked hard, then you already have something astounding to build upon. Look around in your community. You might find something within the community, of which you could volunteer for. This will add to your repertoire of impressive achievements.
  • Ask for advice: Well you're not the only person going to college, right? So it might not be a bad idea on asking your friends for some tips. Use good judgment, there's nothing worse than receiving bad advice.

In conclusion, writing something as important and life altering as this, can be challenging. Just remember to stay relaxed, take your time and really think, keep your thoughts organized, stay positive about your personal strengths, and most importantly, don't give up. Even if you don't get into the college of your dreams, there are still plenty of great colleges to attend. You might just find one you like better.

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