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How To Write An IB Extended Essay Properly: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

IB or International Baccalaureate extended essays are one of the chief most requirements of IB Diploma programs. They are written on independent research topics of student's interest. Students are required to complete them meeting the deadlines.

Check out the step by step tutorial to write an IB extended essay-

  1. Getting started: Pick an interesting topic. Do not stress yourself and collect matter around 4,000 words and write an extended paper of 6,000-8,000 words on it. Remember, if you follow the guidelines diligently keeping specifics of the topic in mind you have a wide scope to write on the subject. You can consult the assignments of 20th century essays. They would offer you specific and focused forms of guidelines. You should also consult your IB Coordinator as they are the best persons to keep a record of previous student's assignments and can prevent you with plagiarism issues. Have sufficient time and write groundbreaking composition citing new discoveries.

  2. Pick a topic: Pick a familiar topic. Perform Science navigation, if you have embarked on the process of writing labs. It will include a big lab write up, writing methods, materials, qualitative and quantitative observations considering number of words in mind.

  3. Essay Competitions: Write a killing one and participate in the competitions. Get scholarship opportunities and kill two birds with one stone. Even if you do not win such University programs, they will offer you feedback that most of the IB Organizations do not provide.

  4. What is the word count of an IB extended essays? Writing an influential IB essay sounds very overwhelming to write but actually is an intimidating task for many. The maximum word limit of most of the IB compositions is around 4,000 words. As such there is no minimum word limit but a very short one implies that the topic is not well investigated thoroughly.

  5. Cite reference sources: It is mandatory that you keep a track of all the bibliographic information you are referring to. Prepare legible, consistent and accurate sequence of all the contents even if it is citing of any key quotation. Since IBO are very strict with plagiarism, your text should be in your own words. You need to state that the matter written is truly genuine and no outsourced content is written. If you fail to abide by the rules, you will fail to get IB diploma. Have a critical eye regarding internet usage as anyone can post anything on web. You should minimally use 5-10 authentic resources.

  6. Structure and organize your topic well and spend a pretty decent time on it.

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