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5 Places To Check When Searching For History Extended Essay Examples

International Baccalaureate runs a Diploma course that makes you potent in the subject you fancy. Its métier is the extended essay, which is nothing but a research paper (about 4000 words) encompassing the topic in detail and scoping important points revolving around it.

Get grounded

While and as you prepare the paper, you get glorious inputs and grounding in the subject and you learn how to cover it from umpteen angles. You may take a check at renowned samples, say, in History, to get enlightened about the serialized way to proceed. Here are 5 places to search

  • Digital libraries – The digital libraries are always there to solve your academic dilemmas. You just need to be accurate with the keywords and categorization. You will find plenty of articles and write-ups in the genre you are looking for. If you are not that tech-savvy, you can have someone, who is, accompany you.
  • Scholar blogs – There are many scholars who feel determined to help wannabe laureates with definitive write-ups on urgent topics. You will be astounded by the crispness and methods with which their final work emerges. There is instant delight in reading if the script is well-conjured.
  • Earnest discussions – You can check the transcripts of earnest discussions on a historical theme, held between knowledgeable people of the subject. The different members bring different equations to the scene and you understand how to melt and synthesize perspectives through practice. Yes, it is not in proofread form, but you can do the mathematics without much bother.
  • IB archives – You can check out the International Baccalaureate archives for some brilliant samples. In the process, your knowledge of the subject (in this case History) goes up by several notches. You also understand the format and pattern in which you need t pen your piece.
  • Social media assistance – You can place a visit to educational forums and ask the floating members to help you with extended essays. You can also discuss the topics in detail with them and ask them for graded ways in which you can take a turn. You may get helpful links and vivid pointers to help you in your academic quest.

A sound perspective

History is an opinionated subject and requires a razor-edged perspective. You should therefore absorb everything of note about the topical theme and then place your assertions. Your work should seem original; not an extraction from somewhere else. It helps if you can induce some fresh quotients into the theme.

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