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The 10 Most Intriguing IB History Extended Essay Topics

The International Baccalaureate program is undertaken by teenagers with great potential from all corners of the globe. As part of the process they are expected to create papers that are known as extended essays. These differ from the essays most other students their age might be expected to create in the following ways:

Their length

The typical extended essay rivals a novella in length at a whopping 3900 words. This means that if you intend to write one, you should be prepared to spend a large amount of time on the process.

Their depth of research

An essay that long that is done well will have a great deal of research to back it up. This academic body is not likely to be impressed with close to four thousand words of filer content.

The availability of sample content

If you require a sample of most other types of papers you can access this with a few clicks. Not so for these extended papers. You may find a few but there is simple a much smaller pool of academic writers and students who use this style regularly. As a result, even if you were to find ever paper ever written in this style, it would not equal a fraction of the other types of content that can more easily be found.

Regardless of these differences, a good extended essay in history can be created by you if you have the perseverance to pick a topic that works well for your means. Take a look at the following:

  • The first agrarian societies and the impact of their culture on subsequent civilizations
  • King Henry the VIII: A monarch with a hand in the making of religious history
  • The French Revolution and its lasting impact on modern human rights
  • Barbarianism: A look at cultural biases through the eyes of people who suffered defeat
  • The Anthropocene era and its effects of planet wide biodiversity
  • Martin Luther: The Protestant Revolution and its effects on the colonization of the Americas
  • The End of an Era: How the Ottoman Empire finally came to an end
  • Israel and Palestine: The creation of a conflict from what might have been peace
  • Japanese colonization: An early history of aggression towards other Asian nations
  • Disease and the obliteration of indigenous people by European colonizers

These topics delve into various aspects of historical events and your writing can bring them to light in a way that a teacher would much appreciate.

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