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10 Fresh Topics For Your IB Extended Essay And Chemistry

If you're working on your bachelor's and you have to develop an essay on chemistry, here are a few top topics that can help you to get started:


  • For starters, consider writing about a section of neurochemistry and how it relates to the body. You could examine how different stress factors affect the human body.

  • Also consider organic chemistry, your paper can incorporate how stress can cause problems with different systems like your autoimmune system.

  • You could write about how even therapeutic marijuana or recreational marijuana can still affect the brain in an adverse ways.

  • You could also consider writing about hormones as they relate to pheromones and why people feel moody sometimes, or they fall in love easily at other times. Also, consider different types of scents and smells that affect how we feel.

  • Another great idea is writing about how different levels of stress trigger hormones in the brain that encourage us to eat more and how we could effectively turn these triggers off.

  • Another idea is to write about is how environment affects the body with various diseases. For example, someone who is exposed to a lot of toxic chemicals may develop various types of cancers and their risk can increase depending on where they live. For research, consider Three Mile Island or regions of Western Virginia in the coal mining areas, for example.

  • You could also look at neurochemistry in terms of how stress affects the brain as it relates to school and getting good grades and fear of negative repercussions.

  • Another area related to neurochemistry is stress and panic attacks. Why is it that the body and the brain can think that you're having an actual heart attack and actually trigger one when someone has a healthy heart?
  • Consider writing about nanotechnology and how we can combat various illnesses before they become worse. Maybe we can stop that new flu or H1N1.

  • Another suggestion is to focus on types of organic chemistry and how elements affect us. In your research, consider areas of Japan where people are exposed to radiation. Is there a way to combat this?

As you look at these different topics, you will need to do a streamline your research efforts for them, and that's the whole benefit of doing these particular types of papers. You can also tie them into real world events that have taken place in the news.

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