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Writing An Excellent Descriptive Essay Without Problem

Essays make many people break out in hives when they are assigned. Students just cringe when teachers assign any type of essay but if you do enough of them the do seem to get easier. It is better to do as many as you can in high school because once you get to college, you will be doing tons of them and it is hopeful that you will master them by then and they will be easier. Of the many different types of essays, descriptive essays are fairly easy. Here are some guidelines on how to write an excellent descriptive essay without problems:

  • Figure out what your topic statement will be. With a descriptive essay you are describing a person, place or thing. The best way to find something you may want to write about is to brainstorm. Set your timer for 60-90 seconds and write down everything you know about the subject that has been assigned. Usually the first thing that comes to mind are the things you care most about. Write down as many topics as you can in that amount of time. Once you have at least 5 you can stop. Of the 5 that you chose, think of the ones that will have the most information and will be the most interesting to your audience. Eliminate a few based on those two things then decide which one you like the best and go with that.
  • Create an outline for every essay that you are assigned. If you make this a habit, essays will become easier and easier. This way you can make sure all of the correct components of the essay are included and also make sure everything is easily understood. Your essay will flow much better if you follow the outline.
  • A descriptive essay is supposed to be written so your reader feels like they are right there with you. In order for that to happen you need to spark something in as many of their senses as possible. Use extremely descriptive words describing how the event sounded, what it looked like, how it smelled. The more senses you can awaken in your reader, the better the description will be. If you can evoke some kind of emotion that would be great as well.

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